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Your crew, you and OSRS GP boat may end up at the bottom of the ocean so be ready. You'll be looking for ships to destroy and that's what happens. Your weapons will include bows and arrows as well as a dwarf cannons, catapults mage, catapult and you may even have other players join your boat to help. You cannot teleport out. If you spot another ship, you can engage it. It is possible to sink it and allow your crew to search for the treasure. Imager36 brought up a good suggestion about boarding enemy ships. You are able to board a ship from an enemy with crew members and other players on the ship. It will require higher agility levels based on the location you board.

You can board from the deck by simply walking across a plank, which will give you 10 Agility. You can board using an elongated rope of 40 Agility. It is also possible to sneak beneath the deck and enter a cannon space with ropes - 70 Agility. If you embark on the enemy ship, you can die. You can now Melee the other players on an enemy ship.

If you kill every player on the ship with enmity - NPC's can't be attacked - You could take their crew and make them be your employees - or they have to take the plank... MUAHAHAHAHA - and take over the boat and sell it , or keep it for yourself. The stern of each boat is equipped with a forfeit button. This lets the boat and its crew to be taken back to the mainland, along with their belongings. Items and supplies are among the items that players drop onto the boat.

Redmonke suggested that you need a skillcape. I was thinking it should feature a drawing of a boat on the cape with an sailor in the background. The emote is: You hop onto a miniature-ship, then you sail on the land. Just an idea but it could be quite funny. Girfaniam recommended Fishing Boats. I'm adding his suggestion.

You can make the fishing runescape 2007 gold boat by level 20. It is a tiny wooden rowboat. The fishing boat gets bigger as you increase your level. Your vessel will also allow you to travel to the port side only (unless you are in possession of weapon implacments). You could fly fish or utilize regular fishing rods. It is also possible to go fishing using this experience. If you are running short of food for your crew, you can just fish and give it to them. You can also stop by the closest port.

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