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The healing mace "Trauma" for WOW Classic TBC Gold my resto shaman .... getting to see the screen change to green with many tiny healing swathes popping out .... that was my thing.

Edit: Trauma, Glowing Twilight Slope because the healing from chain heal is considered to be a direct healing even on subsequent hops. I could heal 20 raid members in one go.

Edit: The four pieces of tier 10 armor that allowed your target to receive chain heal crits improved their healing by 25% over time. This was added to the insane output you could get as a resto-shaman.

Chainheal isn't gear dependent. But holy balls did getting this product make it an absolute game changer. It can transform you from buy WOW TBC Classic Gold being a "really excellent healer" to a straight-up "god-tier"


I know that the cutscene was set up this way by the writers because it's a way to reward. Thrall was defeated before he WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold could pull off his ace. This was so that we, the audience could feel the thrill.

I always felt guilty that it turned out in the way it did. Hopefully this didn't come across as the ramblings of a mad fan boy. I can't help but see things this way.

Thrall seemed to be in a state of reticence during the majority of the fight. He wanted to show Garrosh the right way to behave, wanted to beat him, however, it wasn't going to matter. Then Garrosh made the "this was your fault" incident and Thrall took him down with the elements and killed.

I've always said that the reason the elements stopped responding at him following this was not due to "he did not cheat," like so many people say. But because he abused them in his anger. He's still trying to accept the truth to this day.

Thrall was presented during the fight as rather serene and sad. He desired Garrosh to comprehend what a real leader ought to be, and not just a warmonger. Garrosh couldn't believe Thrall was not able to grasp this, and was deteriorating in his view. He made the decision to end Garrosh to ensure the well-being of the Horde.

This also means that he failed himself, Garrosh, Grom and himself. He was not able to call on the elements when they could sense his lack of motivation and internal conflict.

It was garrosh's exposition during pandaria's mists to the evil sha Gods that made him insane, and gave him the hulking body, a troll-like physique. Prior to that, even during the raid of the icecrown, you'll observe that garrosh was smaller in stature and thrall used to be bigger than garrosh. He joined the iron horde and grew stronger with them.

I'm sure he trained really hard with his "real iron gangsta bros" and got larger and more powerful.

In addition, I think that Thrall was hiding during the whole fight since internally he felt that the fault was his own. He was the same until he had the discussion with Korthia with his mom.

It was only in the last instance the man knew he must end the garrosh's life. It is possible to have cut off his head, cleaved his head with an axe, violently punched him with a dooms hammer, or even cut off his head with a blade. It could be that it would be too human. He eventually went with the electric chair method of execution by a single hit of cheap WOW TBC Gold lightning. I'm assuming that death was a bit painless. He is struck by lightning and loses consciousness.


The standardization of stat allocation (in part due to better class design and knowing what characters want) reduced the possibility to WOW Classic TBC Gold make memorable items with stat design. Today, the most memorable items we talk about items are memorable because of things that do not fall within the system of stat budgets: procs, on-use abilities, high budget exceptions (War Glaives) and an the honorable mention of weapon speed which still permits them to create certain objects objectively superior to other items without it being budgeted.

Half of the classes in vanilla did not want their Tier gear due to it being not well-defined or wasn't compatible with their specs (feral Druid, DPS warrior or). However, everything in vanilla is adequate, or perhaps even bis. So overall, I believe there's more time to get decently properly geared.

There are five upgrades available to the mc's feral tank, and some of them were sought-after (accuria as well as the agi cloakoff). Tier gear was useless other the fact that a handful of pieces were pertinent to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold a tank set. Other pieces that dropped (heavy dark iron ring, shoulders for fireguards) weren't sold as no one else needed it which is why it didn't make for a very thrilling.